Jason Scherer

After cooking in restaurants in his home state of Nevada, Jason decided to take his career more serious and move to Seattle in 2009 to pursue a life as a chef. Jason has worked for the past 10 years as a sous chef for some of Seattle's best, including opening Rachel Yang's Revel in Fremont, Eric Donnelly's Rock Creek, and Bruce Naftaly's Marmite.

After a lifelong interest in the health and wellness world, as well as a passion and dedication to the craft of fermentation, he was gifted a kombucha scoby by a fellow line cook in 2013. 5 years of creating kombucha batch by batch and week by week has led to a desire to produce the finest kombucha he can.

Adam Fream

Adam Fream is an enthusiastic craftsman of fine intoxicants and libations. His enthusiasm for amazing food and beverages has led to a career spanning many different sides of the service and beverage production industries.

Along the way he gained an appreciation for the complexities of all things imbibed. Wanting to learn a little more about the business and production side of the beverage industry he worked as the beverage director of The Derschang Group which includes some of the most iconic bars in Seattle. While there he was given the opportunity to work with Scrappy's Bitters, an internationally distributed, hand crafted bitters company in Seattle.

Joshua Podawiltz

Joshua is native of Minnesota with 25 plus years of experience in the service and hospitality industry. He has worked at many of Seattle’s most esteemed restaurants, acquiring Sommelier certifications with the International Sommelier Guild and later with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Running wine programs through out the city he is a co-founder, owner and assistant wine maker for Sous Soul Winery. Joshua has a passion for wine, spirits, and beverages from around the world. He is excited for the growth with Beneficial Brewing while finding time to get to the mountains. 

The Beneficial Team

Beneficial Suppliers

Spice and Sugar Supplier

From the days of Vila Jerada’s humble beginnings in 2011 when the only product that Mehdi Boujrada imported was Morocco’s most awarded Olive Oils, Villa Jerada has always and will always be a company committed to importing, distributing and making the highest quality herbs, sugars and spices of theMoroccan and Levantinian repertoire.


Award winning artisan products from around the world. Vila Jerada sources theirspices with a fresh take on the traditional Moroccan flavors while making sure every product has all the culinary heritage we grew up with. Mehdi carefullyselects the best ingredients from all around the world and imports small batches to ensure high quality, fresh products.Sofi award winners, Good Food AwardFinalists and Food & Wine's Top 10 Editor's pick

Jason Chen - Tea Supplier

Tea Master Jason Chen started CC Fine Tea with the goal of bringing value to people’s lives by adding “Real Tea” to ones lifestyle. Jason cites his father as a major influence in his life. Jason’s father grew up in Hangzhou, China near the famousWest Lake. In the summer, his family would take their boat onto the serene waters of West Lake to escape the heat. Slowly sailing under the overhanging trees on the edge of the lake, Jason’s grandmother would prepare the world famous Long Jing Green Tea grown nearby, and as a family they would drink the refreshing tea while admiring the beautiful scenery around them. For Jason, this is a treasured memory.


During the Cultural Revolution, Jason’s family was forced to flee the country, but his father often reminded Jason of thosesummers on the lake, and implanted this image firmly in his mind, one of tea, and a beautiful, happy life.This memory sparked the beginnings of Jason’s dream to build a tea business because tea is something that brings happinessto people, something that cultivates beauty and brings people together.


At 27 years of age, Jason was stationed for work on A Li Shan Mountain in Taiwan where he learned essential tea-processing techniques, and methods for judging the qualities of tea. The farmers on A Li Shan became his teachers and didn’t withholdtheir knowledge from him. They often encouraged him, saying, “The tea business is easy, just be honest. With his welcoming, trusting feeling, Jason strives to pass on his love of tea to tea-lovers around the world.


In 1997, Jason started a wholesale tea business in Seattle, CC Fine Tea, but all the while he continued to learn about all type sof tea; black, white, jasmine, Pu Erh, and so on. To have an authentic understanding, Jason traveled to every major area of tea production and learned the processing methods and cultivation techniques for each tea type. He is truly a Tea Master, knowing every step from garden to cup.

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